A Blazing Hot Iowa Teal Season Awaits

blue wingLast year marked Iowa’s first Teal only duck season.  It was met with mixed emotions.  Especially since most of Iowa was still flooded out from late summer rains.  Well, the rivers are high this year, but the high temperatures are what will likely put a damper on the opener.  Saturday’s forecast calls for a high of 92!

I have been critical of our season dates in the past, as have many of Iowa’s waterfowlers. I understand how having the early teal season helps give us more waterfowl hunting days. A Teal only season does not take away from the allowable days set for our flyway.  However, should we be starting the first week in September?  In Central Iowa, the average temperatures for the month of September are in the low to mid 70’s.  October’s averages are a full 10 degrees less.  In just a few weeks time, we stand to lose up to 10 degrees off our average highs.

Wouldn’t it make sense to push our Teal opener back a bit?  We aren’t shooting resident birds in my neck of the woods.  We rely on cooler temperatures to bring some new birds in.  When we ran the old regular early duck season system in the later part of September, the majority of the birds I shot were still Blue Wings.  Why not capture the last part of September instead of the first?  I’m sure the answer has something to do with money and rich white guys…

Where I used to get excited about the duck opener, this earl Teal season has more of a “HO-HUM” effect on me.  I guess it’s better than not hunting, but not better than hunting on cooler days.  Oh well, I guess we’ll all go out and give it our best.  At least we’ll all be home in time for some college football.

Have fun and be safe!

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