Good, Not Great

ducksWell, the much anticipated Mid November cold front with strong Northwest winds blew through Iowa.  Many duck hunters, including myself, looked towards the skies hoping for a big push of ducks.  Sure, it really isn’t cold enough yet, but historically speaking, a Mid November cold front brings new birds.

The good news is that the front did push in some birds.  The bad new is that it was very underwhelming, and many of the birds I saw this morning kept riding the strong winds south!

I have received varying reports from good to bad, and ok to excellent.  Pretty typical really.  From my experience, it was ok.  I saw a mixed bag of birds.  Divers, gadwall, teal and mallards.  Many of which stayed high.

The forecast remains in the 50’s and 60’s for much of Central Iowa. There is not much besides a calendar to lead me to expect any phenomenal flight days in the next week.  Certainly, however, there are pockets of ducks, including mallards, that are around.  You are just going to have to work to get them.

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