Iowa Water Pollution is on the Rise

pollutionKCCI News reported yesterday that studies show polluted waterways in Iowa are up 15%.  The Iowa DNR has reported 725 impaired waterways compared to 630 in 2012.  The biggest offenders according to the report are large scale hog and cattle operations.

This most recent study further strengthens the argument for restoring wetlands to capture Ag run off before it gets to the water supply.

It is time to start putting more pressure on the Ducks Unlimited to get into Iowa and spend some real dollars.  They are the biggest, richest lobbyists advocating for wetland reconstruction, so it is their responsibility to be present.  If recent years, I have seen little DU presence, and when they do show up, they only try to make existing wetlands more accessible for hunters.  Iowa has an opportunity to make a push to rebuild wetlands.  With lawsuits and reports showing we are going the wrong direction when it comes to water quality, it only makes sense to get more involved now!

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