There’s a Chill in the Air

There’s a chill in the air this morning.  We have had some teasers over the past couple of weeks, but this one looks legit.  The weather pattern is changing to Fall, and we are only a couple of weeks out from the rutting moon.

rutting moon
The 2nd full moon of fall is commonly referred to as the rutting moon.  Iowa buck hunters have observed increased rutting activities, for years, around this time of year.  This year the rutting moon comes in October, which seems early.  In years past, it seem like fall’s second full moon was in the first or second week of November.  However, the Farmer’s Almanac calls for a full moon on October 27 at 7:05 am.

I have seen a lot of pictures of big, mature buck, already being harvested this year.  I have also received reports of bucks starting to chase does.  All signs are pointing towards an early rut.

It always tough for me because I love hunting the migration, and peak rut and peak migration seem to over lap.  Maybe this year I will be able to effectively do both.

Good luck to all you big buck hunters.  If you shoot a nice one, please share your photos and stories on our Facebook page.



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