Fish the Eddy

eddyRiver fishing is a foreign language to many of Iowa’s inland fishermen.  Fishing current is a bit different than fishing lakes and ponds.  If you have unsuccessfully fished Iowa’s river systems, or have yet give rivers a try, here is little tip that might help you refine for search for fish.

Fish the eddy!  An eddy is created when down river current runs into something and begins to move up current.  Log jams, wing dams, or current entering the river from a tributary or inlet can create an eddy.  Often times eddies look like wirlpools.  On bigger rivers, eddies can be much larger.  They can be much more subtle.

Notice that some times foam or debris will settle in the middle of an eddy while passing current continues its coarse.  This is what makes an eddy so appealing to a fish.

Eddies create a dead spot where fish can hang out and wait for passing food to collect.  Fish position differently on eddies at different times, no different that they position on a lay down or root ball on a lake.  Look at an eddy as a good ambush position.

To effectively fish an eddy, get down stream.  Cast your bait of choice up river and guide it down river with the current.  Sometimes you will want to hit the edges of the back current.  Other times you will want to go right through the middle.  Make multiple casts to the different positions.  Be thorough!

Fishing eddies can produce catfish, bass, and walleye, just to name a few.  Predatory fish as well has scavenger fish both frequent river eddies.

Fishing river systems can be very intimidating for lake fisher people.  It is a different game.  The next time you decide to venture out on a river, make an effort to fish eddies.  It just might be the difference in your success

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